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Global Cooling Myth

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A collection of links debunking the Global Cooling myth


What Bob Carter and Andrew Bolt fail to grasp:”... most of the extra solar energy trapped by the Earth’s slightly thicker blanket of greenhouse gases has not gone into raising air temperatures. It’s poured into the vast oceans (which contain about hundreds of times the volume of the atmosphere) … Indeed, it has been shown that about 90% of this additional energy has be used to heat water and about 7% to melt ice. Only about 3% is left over to warm the air. So we shouldn’t be at all surprised if air temperatures show the weakest response to the enhanced greenhouse effect - at least in the short term.”


Yes, the planet has kept warming since 1998


Yes, the data show the planet STILL keeps warming


Mind the Gap!


"Climate sceptics have their head in the sand", says the Met Office 


Myth " Temperatures plummeted in 2008" proves global cooling 


Climate myths: Global warming stopped in 1998 


Did global warming stop in 1998?


Temperatures are continuing to rise


Collected debunking of "Seven Graphs" 


The Stupid Cult of Cooling and the Goyder Line debate


Global Cooling-Wanna Bet? 


Richard Lindzen claims global warming stopped in 1998 


Most bizarre Denier claim: "Global warming stopped in 1998″.   


Stop me if you've heard this before 


“Global Cooling” myth gets fried


Global Warming is Over … Again



Deniers Prove Staircases are Level!


Global warming greatest in past decade


Northern Hemisphere Sets 1300 Year Climate Warming Record


What the IPCC models really say


NOAA: 2008 Fifth Warmest July on Record for Globe Also, the seven months from January to July 2008 ranked as the ninth warmest seven-month period for combined average global land and ocean surface temperature. 


Top 11 Warmest Years On Record Have All Been In Last 13 Years 


And the first six months of the year 2008 were the ninth warmest since record keeping began in 1880, NOAA's National Climatic Data Center reported. 


According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) the decade of 1998-2007 is the warmest on record. 


2007 seventh hottest year  since 1880


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