Good for Plant Growth Myth

A collection of links debunking the 'Climate Change will be good for plant growth' myth


Climate Change Surprise: High Carbon Dioxide Levels Can Retard Plant Growth, Study Reveals


Climate myths: Higher CO2 levels will boost plant growth and food production


Myth - A few degrees more will be really nice - especially for plants!


Studies of successive forests show that the tropical rainforests underwent dramatic collapse following climate change.


Will Grasslands Overtake U.S. Forests Due to Warming?


Here some great examples of the reality of how increased CO2 is helping plants to grow:

48 Wildfires Currently Burning 314,355+ Acres in 6 States



Sodden farmers struggling with a changing climate


Corn could hit $10 as flooding may reduce output{E3547C37-467F-4101-BE1B-4AF5F47487BD}&dist=msr_4


Climate change caused widespread tree death in California mountain range and

Drought has hold on Oklahoma Panhandle

Climate Change Threatens One In Five Plant Species by 2080


Major food source threatened by climate change


"Leemans and Eickhout (2004) found that adaptive capacity decreases rapidly with an increasing rate of climate change. Their study finds that five percent of all ecosystems cannot adapt more quickly than 0.1 C per decade over time. Forests will be among the ecosystems to experience problems first because their ability to migrate to stay within the climate zone they are adapted to is limited. If the rate is 0.3 C per decade, 15 percent of ecosystems will not be able to adapt. If the rate should exceed 0.4 C per decade, all ecosystems will be quickly destroyed, opportunistic species will dominate, and the breakdown of biological material will lead to even greater emissions of CO2. This will in turn increase the rate of warming" --Leemans and Eickhout (2004), "Another reason for concern: regional and global impacts on ecosystems for different levels of climate change," Global Environmental Change 14, 219-228

We have warmed 0.2 C/decade for the last two decades.